Dear Drake: Here's What You Should Know About People With Mental Illness

Dear Drake,

You are one of my favorite artists. When I hear your music on the radio, my mood changes. I want to have fun — dance, sing, laugh. It takes me out of that negative place, even if it’s just for that moment. I’ve always been on your side. I admire you because you are yourself.

But Dear Drake,

I learned you recently “dissed” Kid Cudi — joking about his mental health. What exactly is funny about getting help? Specifically, what is hilarious about having a mental health challenge? What is humorous about struggling but having to put a smile on your face to please your fans, family, friends? Tell me, what is funny? You’re a talented artist so tell me, could you not think of anything else to lyrically insult him about? Please, tell me?

Now Dear Drake,

I do not think I can support you any longer. We all make mistakes — but to the defense of those suffering with mental illnesses, it is not like you did not know this is a major issue. How could you not when there are 117 suicides a day, when one in five children have a mental health disorder, when African Americans are 20 percent more likely to experience a mental health disorder?

So Dear Drake,

You may not care — we do not know each other and probably never will. But, I will tell you, we whom are struggling with something you cannot see are brave and courageous. We are resilient. We have stories to tell. We are still here because we choose life. So Dear Drake, the next time you decide to make fun of someone with a mental illness, you are part of the problem in the Black community and it just shows how fame, power, status and popularity are more important than human life.

No Longer a Fan

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Image via Drake‘s Facebook.

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