What Isolating in Depression Made Me Realize About My Friends

I did nothing but stare at the window from my bed while tears flowed down my face like a stream. It was painful, just the thought of getting up every day. It was a constant struggle, the feelings of guilt, sadness and overwhelming hopelessness were intense.

I isolated myself by unplugging my computer, ignoring calls and texts. I lied and said I was “fine,” but truly I was not. I fell hard to what felt like a bottomless pit of darkness, despair and loneliness.

I learned it’s OK to reach out to others and that the effort is worth it. I have few friends or people I am close with, and it has always been hard to describe and be open about my thoughts and feelings. I realize if you don’t open up, then it is hard for people to know what you’re going through. It took me feeling this way in order to see others cared.

I learned:

I can pick up the phone and call or text a friend or a loved one.

I can try to go out and distract myself and have someone tag along.

I can put my feelings of being a burden out to the side because friends are always eager to help you through your hurdles.

My friends are there — I just have to let them know what I am going through. They care more than I ever knew.

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