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There Are Still People Who Don't Believe in Autism

Of all the people I encounter, the ones who don’t believe in autism are the hardest to deal with. As if it were the Tooth Fairy or some other mythological creature, some people say “Autism is something that doctors make up to give drugs to kids who weren’t raised right.”

They don’t understand that autistic brains are physically and chemically different than “normal brains.” The nonbelievers don’t understand genetics, psychology or temperament. And you can’t explain the science because they often don’t believe in science either.

As I stand in front of them they tell me I “just need more practice” or am “not trying hard enough.” Sometimes they blame my problems on my parents for raising me “wrong,” which isn’t far since everyone in my life did the best they could.

My best is never good enough for these people, and my pleas for help are only excuses to them. Toxic people, who may mean well, frustrate me beyond all reason as they enjoy their ignorance.

Inside I am begging for them to have compassion and see the real me.

This has got to change. Autism is a real thing. I am a real person. I am doing my best, and it’s all I’ve got.

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Stock image by JZhuk