Chuck E. Cheese's Hosts Sensory Sensitive Sundays for Those on the Autism Spectrum

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Autistic Teen's Booming Business Will Help Keep You Warm This Winter

Teen on autism spectrum starts toque hat business with dad. Read the full version of Autistic Teen’s Booming Business Will Help Keep You Warm This Winter.
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Why I’m Proud My Child Won’t Be in This Year’s Christmas Play

Maybe I am getting old, but it does seem like talk of Christmas starts earlier every year. We are only just over Halloween, and already the shops have festive music, selection boxes and wrapping paper in prominent places! But as a trained teacher, there is one place I totally understand preparing early for the holidays, and that [...]
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Learning to Say No Is the Best Gift I Could Give Myself

People don’t understand my limits when I feel too overwhelmed at the end of a long work week to go out on a Friday. They take things personally when I decline their invitations. I used to get caught up in upsetting them. One day, like a light bulb going on, I realized I was not [...]
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One Message I Want Every Family in Our Autism Community to Remember

When I was doing one of my first internships at Autism Speaks in 2010, I answered over 1,000 emails from parents/caregivers on how to help one of their loved ones on the autism spectrum. During that time, I gave advice on early intervention, therapies, schools, transitional programs, IEP meetings, social skills, visual schedules and much [...]