Toys "R" Us to Offer Quiet Holiday Shopping Hour for Customers on Autism Spectrum

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Woman sitting on swing, watching sunset over water

Coping With Grief as an Autistic Adult

Whether neurotypical or on the autism spectrum, we often avoid the topic of grief like it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, it does exist, and when faced with it, the pain — emotional and physical — is overwhelming. The emotional pain can and does manifest itself in various ways. It can be so overwhelming that you feel frozen in time, like you are on the [...]
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The Anguish of Brushing Your Teeth When You Have Sensory Issues

I hate brushing my teeth. That’s right. Almost 30 years old, masquerading as a fully functional member of society, and I still hate brushing my teeth. I’ve always hated brushing my teeth, and I doubt that will ever change. Although as an adult, with more control of my own surroundings, I am finding more and more [...]
Silhouette of a woman and two young children holding hands and dancing around outside, isolated against the sunset.

How Can Your Loved Ones Help Support Your Autistic Children?

His blond curls bounce in the sunlight as he is twirling in the sun. The arm flapping is a reminder that he is different. Seeming to be in his own world, he produces sounds that are familiar yet hard to distinguish. Adjacent to him is his sister. Her hair is twisted in knots from spinning [...]
Black and white photo of mother holding son

To the People I Trust to Care for My Son on the Autism Spectrum

There he was near the front while his school friends danced and clapped on stage. I saw my son sitting close to a class teacher’s assistant (TA), touching her face just like he does to me, his arm coming up and draping around her shoulders. She talked to him in hushed tones and smiled, reassuring [...]