Why I’m Not Choosing a Puzzle Piece Tattoo to Represent My Autism

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How Working in Retail Has Helped Me as a Person on the Autism Spectrum

Working in retail for some can be hectic, stressful and overall an unpleasant experience. Having autism and being in that busy, hectic environment can take a toll on some. But for me, despite the challenges, it has helped do the things I never thought I could do. I work at a big-name pharmacy I usually do [...]
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What You See and Don't See When You Look at a Child on the Autism Spectrum

You don’t see the child who desperately wants to be compliant and “good” but struggles to keep it in all day, then explodes at home in her comfort zone with those she trusts the most. You don’t see the anxiety that stays like a knot inside, as the world and other people can be unpredictable, which leads [...]
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To the Person Who Left Me Awestruck After I Told You About My Son’s Autism

Last month was the second anniversary of my son’s diagnosis. At the time, I was tired and stressed, questioning my place at North Dakota State University (home of the Bisons) as a graduate student. I had a full-ride scholarship — but still, how was I to find a daycare to go to class and work? [...]
photo of a brown cardboard box which says lifeBOKS

KultureCity Creates Free lifeBOKS Program for Kids With Autism Who Wander

A troubling phone call from a mother of a child with autism in Kentucky left Julian Maha faced with a significant challenge. Her daughter, the woman told Maha, had wandered outside of their home and nearly drowned. She was concerned because she had already bought items designed to keep her daughter safe. Now, she was reaching [...]