What I've Learned About Autism Since My Diagnosis

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The Lesson I Learned When Our Family Opted Out of Holiday Parties

Holidays used to be a challenge for our special needs family. My wife and I have two boys, Peter and Daniel, aged 17 and 15. Dan is autistic and nonverbal. Years ago, my wife and I made the decision to no longer go from home to home trying to see everyone for the holidays. What [...]

Costco to Host Quiet Shopping Event for Those on the Autism Spectrum

Costco becomes the latest company to offer a sensory-friendly shopping event geared towards those on the autism spectrum. Read the full version of Costco to Host Quiet Shopping Event for Those on the Autism Spectrum.
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When My Son on the Autism Spectrum Told Me He Didn't Want to Be 'Special'

I’ll never forget the day my son came to me and said he didn’t want to be “special,” he just wanted to be “normal.” I was so blindsided by it I didn’t know how to respond at first. I asked him to elaborate on it, and he told me everyone’s response to him not being able [...]
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Taking Pride in My Autism

As a child, and well into my 20s, I’d become “overexcited,” spinning in circles on the hardwood living room floor in front of my parents, flapping my hands with excitement, dancing in circles, sliding side-to-side. I’d scream and cry when certain sounds came on the TV, and have meltdowns when my shoes didn’t feel right [...]