Finding Love as an Adult on the Autism Spectrum

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portrait of mother and child to back the sunset

To Those Who Say 'I'm Sorry' About My Son's Feeding Tube

My son, Brayden, has had a feeding tube for the last two years due to failure to thrive and sensory issues related to autism spectrum disorder. My son can physically eat by mouth, but he refuses to do so. His sensory issues are severe, and he cannot even smell food without a reaction. We’ve been in multiple [...]
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You Can't Separate Me From My Autism, and I Wouldn't Change That

Autism is my superpower. Because I am autistic, I see the world in an entirely different, magical way. I get to be a part of a delightful community. I have a solid part of my identity. It is a large part of who I am and something I am very comfortable with. Yes, sometimes life [...]

4 Things That Are Difficult for Me as Someone With Sensory Issues

Sensory issues are complex and often misunderstood. Sometimes people don’t understand how to respond to those of us with sensory issues. What might be obvious to someone is not always as obvious to everyone, which I’ve noticed as a person with sensory issues interacting with people who don’t have them. Here are the things that [...]
Silhouette of mother and son holding hands and facing the water while standing on the beach

To My Son as We Dance Through the Waves of Life Together

In our lives together, as we ride the waves of appointments, phone calls, meltdowns, and care, I look at you — the beauty spot on your lip, the blue of your eyes. Your blond hair and the way a smile sneaks up so carefree. Your cheeks rising, and those dimples forming. Your smile is medicine [...]