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Mental Illness Won’t Keep Me From Living in My ‘Wonderland’

I was told a long time ago by my martial arts instructor that we have to be the change we want to see. Over the past few years, it’s gotten me thinking. I love to draw and write stories as a form of my own expression and therapy. I had even come up with an “Alice in Wonderland” spin off.

Then, it hit me. Why can’t I live in Wonderland? Just because I have mental illnesses, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve the life I want to have.

So, I gathered up all my courage and made some much needed changes. I reached out for help. I ended negative relationships. I stood on my own two feet and started making changes.

My world was dark. So I opened the curtains and let in the light. I felt my life was dull. So I turned on the radio and turned work into a dance party. I kept working at making changes in the way I did things. I adopted the nickname “Alice” because I once felt lost, but I knew that I could slay the Jabberwock (mental illness).

No matter what path I take, each step leads to an adventure, a lesson, a chance to grow and improve myself. In turn, it’s made me a better mother, sister, wife and friend. I still have my doubts, but that’s when I turn to the Cheshire Cat for the smile and change of perspective. Then, I go have coffee with my best friend and make some new changes.

You can make your own Wonderland, too. Make your world what you need it to be. I promise you’re not the only one feeling a little mad. I’ve lost my head too. You’re not alone.

Welcome to the tea party!

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Image via “Alice in Wonderland” Facebook page.