My Christmas List to Santa as an Autistic Adult and Therapist

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Closeup of family feet in wool socks at fireplace

What My Daughter on the Spectrum Has Taught Me About Christmastime

I watched the Rockefeller tree lighting with my kids this week. As you would expect there were Christmas songs and dancing, interspersed with commercials about the holidays and what to buy. “Christmas is here!” Al Roker announced. On cue my 15-year-old daughter, who’s on the autism spectrum, sat up and asked when we were leaving [...]
boy playing with toy plane against sky background

When My Son on the Autism Spectrum Asked Me What Was Wrong With Him

When my son was around 8 years old, he seemed to become aware that he was “different” from the other kids his age. The kids who had, up until then, enjoyed playing with toy cars and building blocks seemed to have outgrown those activities and moved on to more active forms of play. They tried to get my [...]
Young girl with a disability stacking blocks with a marine, her dad is lifting her to the top of the stack.

Marines Partner With Toys For Tots to Give Presents to Children With Autism and Disabilities

mother and daughter standing together and looking out over lake

The World I Want for My Neurodiverse Child

As a parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder, I spend a fair proportion of my time reading about neurodiversity. What seems evident from the copious websites and books is the diagnostic approach of “signs and symptoms” seems to dominate the literature. I’ve seen limited celebration of what makes autism unique, and even less [...]