'Off the Rails' Documentary Tells the Story of Darius McCollum, an Autistic Man Who's Been Arrested 32 Times

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mother and child holding umbrellas, walking on a path in the park

To My Son, From Your Mum Who's Learning How You Perceive the World

Dearest H, I am writing this letter to tell you how truly grateful I am that you are my son and how you have changed me as a person. When I first saw your little face over the surgical curtain, I was bursting with pride and happiness. When you were about 8 months old, I [...]

Target to Host Quiet Holiday Shopping Event for Those on the Autism Spectrum

Target and Wellspan Philhaven are hosting a quiet holiday shopping event on December 10 for people on the autism spectrum in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Read the full version of Target to Host Quiet Holiday Shopping Event for Those on the Autism Spectrum.
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To the Firefighter Who Sang to My Autistic Daughter

To the firefighter who sang to my autistic daughter, You have put in thousands of hours training to become a firefighter. You physically train so you’re capable of saving people from a variety of life-threatening situations, and you are also capable of providing medical support under unimaginable levels of stress to keep those people alive [...]
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The Way I Communicate Is Different, Not Less

I am a 40-something autistic woman. I was diagnosed when I was 20. I was given a diagnosis I didn’t understand, a word I had never heard before: “Ass-ber-gers.” I thought it meant all the bullies who made my school days a misery had been right. I was officially “weird.” Needless to say, I didn’t [...]