I Am Not Like You: Life With Mental Illness

I am not like you.

Why can’t you see?

I am not like you.

Everything terrifies me.

I can’t be “normal” like you want me to be.

I am not like you.

I struggle to get up every day and face even the simple tasks a person should be able to do.

I am not like you.

I can’t pretend anymore.

The smallest things set me off in the worst way every day.

I used to be able to pretend I was OK.

I am not like you.

I am not wired the same way, my mind races with a million thoughts every single second, minute and hour of every single day

I am not like you.

Anxiety, depression, ADD, a learning disability, to name a few, control me no matter what I try to do.

I am not like you.

When I try to say how I feel you don’t seem to understand what I am trying to say.

Instead you twist and turn my thoughts and words taking them the wrong way.

I am not like you.

I honestly do not know when what I am saying could be taken the wrong way.

I am not like you.

Why can’t you see past my failings.

I am not like you.

I am slowly drifting away.

Trying to keep myself together not doing good in any sort of way.

I am not like you.

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