8 Men Share Their Mental Health Stories With One Unifying Message

One of the most important subjects that our society grapples with is mental health. How do we attend to it? How do we cope when we or our loved ones struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder? How can we best support ourselves and care for those we love? How can we shift away from a culture that stigmatizes mental health to one that openly addresses mental health as part of everyone’s general health?

We formed the Men’s Mental Health Social Interest Group at The Good Men Project to come together as a community to examine the stigma and prejudice against mental health issues in our culture that often prevents us — and men in particular — from getting the support that we need, and to work to destigmatize mental health issues. We recognize that part of that work often includes the sharing of our own stories.

During the course of our meetings, we decided to make a video/public service announcement to help others.

This is the result:

Eight men from The Good Men Project’s Men’s Mental Health Social Interest Group share from the heart to show that everyone is dealing with something and that those dealing with mental health issues are not weak, just human. There is no shame in mental illness. We hope that this encourages you to add your voice to ours and to share your personal story. If you are inspired to do so, please share your own story — whether in words or video form — and share it with the hashtag #NotWeakJustHuman.

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