Depression From the Outside Looking In

“You’re just having a bad day,”

They say.

“Why don’t you get out of bed?”

They ask.

“Maybe if you have a positive attitude things would be better,”

They suggest.

But I can’t.

I’m sinking and I can’t reach the surface.

I’m carrying around bricks that weigh me down.

“At least you don’t have cancer,”

They say like it’s a compliment.

“Just take your medicine,”

They propose like it’ll fix all the problems.

“If you went out with friends, then you wouldn’t feel like this,”

They recommend.

But I can’t.

No matter how hard I try,

I can’t shut my brain off.

It’s analyzing everything,

At a rate I swear is faster than a computer.

No matter how hard I try,

Some days, I can’t get out of bed.

Tears come and won’t stop for hours.

Why am I like this?

I’m sinking deeper and deeper,

I can’t catch my breath.


The people around me don’t understand.

Is this real?

Is it in my head?

I just want to feel normal.

I wish people could get a glimpse into my brain,

Giving them a perspective of what I have to deal with every day.

They question my every move.

Yet, they have no idea how sick I actually am.

Mental illness is real.

It is not seen,

But it’s real.

Those on the outside may not understand,

But what you are feeling is real and valid.

I wouldn’t wish depression on my worst enemy.

I wish it was possible for others to see.

The internal struggles I face every day.

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