How Giving Back Helps Me Fight Mental Illness

I have always loved giving back. Ever since I was little, my heart has been in helping others. Nothing brings me quite as much joy as giving does.

When I was 15, my eyes were opened to the world of childhood cancer. I couldn’t believe so many children were fighting this terrible disease every day. I immediately knew I had to do something to make a difference in the lives of these beautiful, brave children.

I knew I couldn’t cure their diseases, but I could try to bring them joy during their battles. I started making care packages and mailing them out to children all across the U.S. This soon expanded to large care baskets that I would deliver to kids in my area. Before I knew it, I was helping hundreds of kids and formed life-long relationships with their families.

Once I began to struggle with mental illness, giving back became even more important to me. Focusing on myself and my own struggles was not something I wanted to do. Continuing to help people was — and is — a healing experience for me.

I still continue to help children with cancer and always will. Mental illness has taken a lot from me, but it has not taken my heart and passion for others.

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