To My Son as We Dance Through the Waves of Life Together

In our lives together, as we ride the waves of appointments, phone calls, meltdowns, and care, I look at you — the beauty spot on your lip, the blue of your eyes. Your blond hair and the way a smile sneaks up so carefree. Your cheeks rising, and those dimples forming. Your smile is medicine to me. It is my raft.

Life can be exhausting at times. I have fears about the future. I have this need to make the world right for you. But I’d take it all, stress and tiredness a million times over, to have the privilege of being your Mummy.

Life can be unpredictable, like a storm or blizzard. But you dance in the blizzard. You shine through the clouds. You splash in the puddles and laugh.

I thought I’d have to be strong for you, but you lift me to my feet. We dance through the waves together.

The little boy who doesn’t speak with his voice but speaks with blue eyes filled with graceful strength.

I see you, my hero, for that is who you are.

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