Live Video: Lamar Hardwick - Autism and Depression

Live Q&A with Autism Pastor Lamar Hardwick on autism, depression and parenting.

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College Student Launches Food Truck, Theresa's Twists, to Hire Others With Autism

Theresa Daniels is launching Theresa’s Twists to give job experience to others on the autism spectrum. Read the full story.
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To Myself Before I Knew About My Autism

Right from the time I started school at 4 years old, I was different. My peers found any and everything they thought was wrong with me and joked about it. From day one, it was that I was left-handed, and it progressively became different things as my peers and I matured. There are some words [...]
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Finding Love as an Adult on the Autism Spectrum

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To Those Who Say 'I'm Sorry' About My Son's Feeding Tube

My son, Brayden, has had a feeding tube for the last two years due to failure to thrive and sensory issues related to autism spectrum disorder. My son can physically eat by mouth, but he refuses to do so. His sensory issues are severe, and he cannot even smell food without a reaction. We’ve been in multiple [...]