Live Video: Madeline Stuart - Down Syndrome and Modeling

Madeline Stuart is a world famous model with Down Syndrome who’s walked the runway at New York Fashion Week and has landed many contracts with sportswear and accessory brands.

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Live Video: David DeSanctis - Down Syndrome and Acting

David DeSanctis is an actor who lives with Down syndrome. He starred in the film Where Hope Grows and has been featured in a number of TV series.
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What My Son's Gift for His Sister With Down Syndrome Taught Us All

“I don’t think Jaycee could ever play a musical instrument,” my son declared as we drove home from his guitar lesson. Rather than getting defensive about his thoughts towards his sister, I decided to ask him for more information. “Why do you say that?” He responded, “Reading music is hard, and I don’t think she [...]
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The Unexpected Gifts of My Son's Battle With a Heart Defect

Twenty years later, the details of Christmas 1996 are blurred in my memory. Partly because of the expanse and distance of time, but mostly because during that time, our emotional and physical energy was concentrated on our son. We were constantly by his side, consumed by his fight for life. David was born in August of that year, a full-term, typical weight, healthy [...]
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What Person-First Language Can Miss About Disability and Identity

Phoenix is my bright, funny and engaging daughter. She is 6 and attends our local school in first grade with the support of a 1:1 aid. It’s hard not to notice that Phoenix looks quite different from your average 6-year-old. Most people first notice that Phoenix has no hair. She has a condition called alopecia which [...]