Live Video: Zach Anner - Cerebral Palsy Advocate

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Hanukkah menorah.

My Hopes for Hanukkah as a Person With Cerebral Palsy

Life isn’t always simple living with cerebral palsy, but I try to push aside the negative thoughts inside my head to celebrate the holidays. I am a young Jewish adult with spastic hemiplegia cerebral palsy, and the only one in my family who has it. Hanukkah has always been my favorite holiday to celebrate, but [...]

Micah Fowler, Actor With Cerebral Palsy, Stars in ABC's 'Speechless'

Young actor with cerebral palsy lands role in ABC series “Speechless.” Read the full story.
Woman in a wheelchair.

5 Things I Wish People Would Stop Saying to Me as a Person With a Disability

Today I had to walk home from my car repair shop because my brakes need to be replaced. As we were walking, my friend asked me, “Why do people look at us strangely when we’re just walking in town?” I’ve stopped noticing any obvious stares and just live my life. However, it does make me [...]
Woman in a wheelchair with roses.

What I've Learned About Dating as a Woman With a Disability

My name is Jess Paciello, and I am 21 years old. I guess that makes me a millennial (yikes!) but I am not too fond of millennial culture. Anyone who knows me knows I love my quiet time alone (you can probably find me binging on Netflix) and casual wine nights in. I am terrified [...]