What I, With My Major Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder, Am Doing In 2017

I will admit, I was kinda wary of writing a list of New Year’s resolutions. So I am not going to.

Instead I have decided to somewhat mirror something a friend of mine did. Her name is Bo Stern, and she made life happen by saying #YesToLife. When her dear husband passed away after a five-year battle with ALS, she needed to find a way to do life as a new creature, and this was her answer.

Project Yes to Life

In the coming year I will do my level best to defeat my demons by saying yes to life, instead of yes to fear or depression. The following are the things I will be doing as my own way of engaging in my personal #YesToLife. I do intend to write daily about it.

1. Every Day I Will Say Yes to Something I Normally Would Not Do

Knowing what my depression and anxiety look like, I am going to allow this one to be little, bite-size things that I can do.

  • Get that daily shower in
  • Make someone else’s coffee
  • Get lunch with a friend
  • Read that new book I left on my bookshelf
  • Make a family meal
  • Take my daughter on an adventure around my property

2. Every Week I Will Adventure to Challenge Myself in a New Way

I am really good at ignoring challenges for fear of failure. I can come up with 10,000 reasons not to do something I am not sure of. So, these things will be weekly choices to face that fear and do that thing. I recently landed myself a slot auditioning for next winter’s season of “The Voice,” so there’s a great place to start.

  • Practice a song with a note in it that I am scared to hit
  • Drive to a place I haven’t been yet, with just the instructions on how to get there
  • Go to a social event
  • Host a social event

3. Every Month I Will Walk Through a New Open Door

New chances to do new things happen all the time. A cool offer on a job you’ve never done before. Some big chance at your church or your kids’ school opens up. Doors fly open all the time. For me, with my depression, they typically close before I get around to checking them out. Here are new ways to walk through an open door once a month.

  • Sign up for the new temp positions at my church
  • Volunteer at the local homeless shelter
  • Join a community project
  • Teach local kids to sing
  • Actually go to my Voice audition.

4. At Least Once This Year I Will Accomplish a Serious Goal 

I have a few things I would love to do in 2017, and the likelihood of all of them happening is slim to none. So I am vowing to say yes to everything I gotta do to accomplish one of them.

  • Compete on “The Voice”
  • Get into college
  • Buy a new car
  • Buy an apartment
  • Try for another baby

With these Project Yes To Life ideas in order, I will be endeavoring into the new year with the determination to best my battles and be the better, stronger me I can see waiting on the other side. So, in conclusion – see y’all in January for this topic.

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