My New Year’s Resolution Is to Keep Fighting the War Between Me, My Body and My Mind

My New Year’s resolution is to take steps to forgive myself regardless of my mistakes. Thus, I always keep moving forward, one step at a time.

My New Year’s resolution is to stop replaying negative events. This way I can put an end to the stress that leaves me stagnant.

My New Year’s resolution is to keep fighting the war between me, my body and my mind with therapy, perseverance and the desire to keep living.

My New Year’s resolution is to find joy and acceptance in who I am and to think of myself as worthy, no matter what I’ve done or how others see me.

My New Year’s resolution is to accept how I feel when I feel it and take care of those feelings with sensitivity.

My New Year’s resolution is to allow myself sleep without constant worrying and to allow my brain time to rest and recuperate.

My New Year’s resolution is to look at myself as a complete and competent person despite feeling broken.

My New Year’s resolution is to live life without hiding from opportunities in order to avoid pain and hurt.

My New Year’s resolution is to be unapologetically myself, own my experiences no matter how painful or degrading and to take pride in my courage and resilience.

My New Year’s resolution is to do things I have never done before and to applaud myself for doing them regardless of how they work out.

My New Year’s resolution is to remember I am human.

My New Year’s resolution is to remember I am loved.

My New Year’s resolution is to stay alive.

My New Year’s resolution is to feel alive.

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