The Relief of My Autism Diagnosis at Age 37

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Dad’s Big Idea Helps Nonverbal Daughter in a Way No Other App Could

This Dad created “TippyTalk,” a new app to help his nonverbal daughter find a way to communicate with them through pictures and texts. Read the full story.
Boy putting toothpaste on toothbrush

15 Tips for Helping Children With Sensory Sensitivity Brush Their Teeth

Most kids run away from the sight of the “terrible toothbrush.” However, for children on the autism spectrum with sensory issues, this can be even more of a challenge. There can be many different factors and reasons for a child’s aversion to toothbrushing. There may be some hypo- or hyper-sensitivity and oral defensiveness going on. [...]

My Struggle With Verbal Instruction

If you ever feel a sense of panic when given verbal instructions, you’re not alone. Whenever I’m asked, “Will you please get whatever from the closet on the middle shelf to the right of whatever,” my immediate reaction is like a robot twirling around saying, “Panic alert!” I started working as a substitute teacher’s aide [...]
girl with found ipad

Autism, a Missing iPad, and the ‘Mighty’ Wonderful Way We Got It Back

My daughter Shea is on the autism spectrum. She is a sweet, charming, funny girl. Thanks to Steve Jobs, the iPad opened up her world several years ago like it has for so many of our kids. Because Shea doesn’t have strong leisure skills and is mostly nonverbal, she relies on her iPad 24/7. Over the past [...]