To Children With Cerebral Palsy: You Are Not Alone

Dear Children With Cerebral Palsy,

I know how you feel. The stares, the points, the laughs. I wish I could tell you it gets better as you grow up, but it probably won’t. However, one day you will be strong enough to be OK with it. You will start understanding that it’s just how kids process your way of living. Even then, you may have days where you absolutely hate it. You are not weird. You are absolutely perfect.

People will tell you (or at least think) four words throughout your life, “You can’t accomplish that.” When you hear these words, it will be hard, I know. But do not believe it. No matter what anyone says, you can do anything you want, and you will. It takes a lot of work, patience, and time. In the end, it will be worth it. There is no greater feeling than doing something people say you can’t do. Trust me, I know.

When you have a disability, not everyone is going to naturally understand you. You’re going to have to teach them; you’ll probably always be teaching someone. It gets old and annoying, but think of it this way, you’re making someone else’s life a little easier. Not everyone is the same, but you’re giving them some idea how to work with someone else with a disability.

You are never alone. There might be times when you feel lonely and unloved. But there’s someone else out there who is like you. Someone is going through the same things you are. You are loved so much.

— A Young Adult With Cerebral Palsy

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