5 Things on a Person With Hypotonia's Holiday Wishlist

It’s that time of year again — it’s almost Christmas! And although everybody is different, here are 5 things I believe almost everybody with hypotonia would love to get for any occasion:

1. Patience.

Each person with hypo has different limits. Some of us can stand for a while, but can’t run fast, while others can’t stand for more than a few minutes. We each go at our own speed, but most people won’t wait for us in this fast-paced world. Going just a bit slower and not complaining is a small but meaningful gesture many of us appreciate.

2.  A small act of kindness.

All people have bad days, but bad days for people with hypo can be particularly frustrating. Our muscles can feel like lead and we’re in a lot of pain, but since hypotonia is an invisible disability, we are expected to carry on and not complain. A small bag of candy, a bottle of water, or even a quick text wishing us well makes these days much more bearable.

3. A listening ear.

People with hypotonia often have to deal with multiple frustrations, heavy muscles, painful joints, rude people; the list goes on and on. And while we’re used to people saying, “Oh yea, I’m tired too,” it would make our day to hear “I’m sorry you have to deal with this. Is there anything I can do?”

4. A shoulder to cry on.

Most of us with hypotonia are (unfortunately) used to cruel people and painful muscles, but sometimes it’s just too much. Giving us five minutes of your time to let us air our grievances means more than we can tell you, and you better believe we’d return the favor.

5. Unconditional love.

Do I even need to explain this one?

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