Meet the Musicians With Autism Who Are Tackling the Music Industry

A band compromised of Autistic members in London is making a big splash in the entertainment scene.

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Someone Asked My Son With Autism Why Eye Contact Is Hard

“I am sad when people think I don’t like them.” Click here to see the original post by Philip Reyes and his mother Lisa.
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How Stimming Has Improved My Social Life

If you told me two years ago — before my autism spectrum disorder diagnosis — that all I needed to do was to chew in order to have a better social life, I probably would have thought you were telling me to chew tobacco. Then I would have thought that was silly. But in the last few months or [...]
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Why Written Instructions Are Best for Me as Someone on the Autism Spectrum

I can’t follow verbal instructions — unless you give me each item one step at a time. Spoken words are often misheard due to my sensory issues, so it is easy for me to misunderstand verbal directions. If we are out in public and you tell me I need to remember to do something later, [...]