Googling Depression

You never know someone’s whole story.

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Depression is Like a Thick Fog

When others don’t understand depression, show them this.

To My Wife With Depression And Anxiety

“When you reached your lowest low, you said something to me I will never be fully equipped to handle.”

I Thought I Was the Only One Struggling With Mental Illness in School

Until my junior year at Vanderbilt, mental illness had never crossed my mind. I grew up with a privileged background and wanted to follow in my parents’ footsteps and become a corporate lawyer. My first episode of major depression and medical leave from school completely changed that. The struggle I experienced from my bipolar disorder [...]
sketch of man under stormy rainy clouds

9 Tips That Helped Me Manage My Depression

As I’ve been reading more on depression, I’ve bumped into several articles that share information for managing depression. Having been through a major depressive episode and as I’m continuing to attend a men’s support group for anxiety and depression, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about managing my mental health. First of all, everybody’s [...]