'The Vault' Is a New Hotel Designed to Accommodate and Hire People With Autism

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Closeup of red ornament hanging from Christmas tree

Celebrating Christmas Moments as They Come With My Autistic Daughter

My autistic kiddo loves Christmas from her curly head down to her Coca-Cola red painted toes. (I painted her nails with instant-dry polish while she was watching “Frosty.”) The party started for 14-year-old Sadie in late October, when she first spotted the lighted plastic trees at Target. But Christmas Day can often be too much [...]
Woman looking at birds flying over water

Because of You: A Letter to My Autism

Dear Autism, Because of you, there is no such thing as a quiet, flickering light for me. There is no such thing as a moment with complete comfort, unless my mind is shut down. Because of you, there is no such thing as complete confidence for me. Anxiety debilitates me. Because of you, there is [...]
The author's children and family dog posing next to the Christmas tree

My Son's Christmas List Is Different Than His Siblings', but It's Not Less

I’m making a list and I’m checking it twice… and thrice… and whatever words means a fourth time and a fifth time. After one final go over, I pull up the calculator app on my phone, tally up the cost of each item on the list, and I know the word that comes flying out [...]

University of Minnesota Students Design Backpack for Kids With Autism

The Nesel Pack is a backpack specifically designed by University of Minnesota students for kids with autism. Read the full story.