5 Relatable Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Have a Mental Illness

Dealing with mental illness every day is difficult, but seeing other people going through the same thing makes me feel better, especially when illustrated in humorous ways. Here are five Instagram accounts I follow where comic writers and artists illustrate daily struggles with mental illness.

1. @rubyetc_

This illustrator from London manages to illustrate familiar scenarios for people struggling with mental illness or social awkwardness in clever and funny ways.


2. @bethdrawsthings

Beth draws cute characters with seemingly social anxiety who are relatable.


it's that time again!

A photo posted by Beth Evans (@bethdrawsthings) on


3. @sarahandersencomics

Sarah draws comics about self-esteem, adulthood, anxiety and failing. Her adorable character makes me laugh and feel better about my life.


4. @sketchshark

This illustrator’s sharks and other characters are funny and distracting. They make fun of society and social situations.


Me definitely not being anxious during lovely 2016. #sketchshark #inktober

A photo posted by Megan Nicole Dong (@sketchshark) on


5. @obtuse_engel

Engel’s comics are sometimes sad and relate to loneliness and friendship. His drawings are colorless but can be funny and happy at times.

A photo posted by Josh Engel (@obtuse_engel) on

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Image via @sketchshark.

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