To the People Who Helped Me to See the Light in My Darkest Moments With Mental Illness

I’ve been struggling to write this piece because I’m not sure if my brain can come up with enough words to express my gratitude. What you did for me surpasses anything I could ever repay you for. For that, I am forever grateful.

Throughout my darkest hours, I have had an army of people who always try to help me see the light. People who have their own hectic schedules and issues to deal with, yet always answer the phone when I find myself feeling alone.

To my friends: Thank you for every piece of advice, for picking me up and getting me out of my own head when I feel isolated, for visiting me at work when I can’t find it in myself to keep going and for being able to make me laugh even when I feel so heavy inside. You are such a blessing in my life, and I’d be lost without you.

To the caring adults in my life: Thank you for looking out for me and for being a nonjudgmental, open ear when I need to talk. Thank you for letting me hang out at your house, classroom or office when I need a break. Thank you for always encouraging me and giving me tough love when I need to be pushed and a hug when I’m really feeling down.

To my therapist: Thank you for giving me such a safe space when the rest of the world makes me feel uneasy. Thank you for helping me grow and uncover a strength inside of me I didn’t know was there. Thank you for helping me put the pieces of my life back together. Thank you for treating me with such kindness. The world truly needs more people like you.

Lastly, to my family: Thank you for trying to understand what I am going through and for helping me get the best care possible. It has been a rough road, but we’re stronger because of it.

I feel like my words don’t even begin to scratch the surface of how much each and every one of you has helped me through my fight. You have brightened and saved my life. My heart is so much happier because of you, and for that, you have my endless gratitude.

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