Sometimes I Find It Easier Not to Speak

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image of teen girl in hooded sweatshirt looking down that says 17 things people on the autism spectrum wish others would stop saying

17 Things People on the Autism Spectrum Wish Others Would Stop Saying

As a society, we’ve taken some significant steps towards greater acceptance of individuals with autism spectrum disorder in recent years — from mainstream television portraying characters on the spectrum, to large corporations finding ways to better support the community. But despite increasing information and awareness, many people still may not know how to respond to an [...]
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16 Things People on the Autism Spectrum Want Their Loved Ones to Know

10 Things I Keep in My 'Toolkit' as an Autistic Person

Writer Anonymously Autistic shares the tools, such as noise-canceling headphones and sunglasses, she keeps with her when going out. Read the full story.
Child with rolling pin playing with play dough on a table

9 Tips for Creating a Sensory Space at Home on a Budget

A sensory room or sensory space can really help with a child’s development. A sensory gym in a setting such as a pediatric clinic may have various kinds of therapy swings, trampolines, ball pits, crash pads, barrels, tunnels, mats, rock walls, ladders, ramps… the list goes on. A sensory room (also known as Snoezelen rooms) can [...]