How I Learned Therapy Wasn't Only for My Daughter With OCD

Parents. Caregivers. Friends. You need support, too.

When our daughter was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), the first thing my wife and I did was get her into therapy. We spent a lot of time researching OCD and interviewing therapists until we found the right person.

Yet the more we learned about OCD, the more we realized we needed someone to talk with as well.

I mean, there were things our family and close friends just didn’t or couldn’t understand about OCD therapy. We needed to talk with people who knew about the OCD roller coaster and wouldn’t be quick to judge us for our questions, concerns or ERP homework.

First, we joined an amazing group on Yahoo called OCDandParenting.

A few months later, we started a support group for parents of kids with OCD. Our group is made up of local families in Brooklyn and Manhattan and offers us a way to talk face-to-face with other parents.

I have since found supportive OCD communities on Facebook, via the OCD Foundation and on sites like The Mighty and Wisdo.

I guess my message is fairly obvious by now: If you’re a parent or loved one caring for someone with OCD, please find some OCD-focused community that allows you to talk, share and yes, vent.

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