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Yes, I Have a Mental Illness. Yes, I'm Good Enough.

I’m not broken. I don’t need to be put back together. I am a whole person. No, you can’t get “the old me” back because people change, and I’ve changed for the better.

You may not be happy with me having a mental illness. You know what? Neither am I, but it’s a part of me. I will live with it until the day I die.

I understand it makes you uncomfortable. I know you wish I was “normal,” but it hurts me that you can’t see my life is still valuable and I’m still achieving. I’m going to university and doing well. I’m chasing my dreams. Why can’t you be proud of me? Why can’t you love me for me?

It hurts when people don’t understand, and it hurts when people want to change me.

I know you think therapy and medications are a waste of time, but they have kept me alive. I’ve still got a long way to go. Please, please understand I am still worthwhile and for the most part, happy.

Someone who is trying and thriving

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