Amy Gravino - Autism Advocate

Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 11, Amy Gravino is now a national public speaker, author, autism consultant, and Certified Autism Specialist.


People With Autism Explain What Stimming Feels Like

Dr. Shafali Jeste, MD - Autism During the Holidays

Dr. Shafali Jeste talks about autism during the holidays on her segment called “Building Bridges.”

Erin Clemens - Autism and the Holidays

Talking about holidays and living on the autism spectrum with author and advocate Erin Clemens.

Kerry Magro - International Speaker on the Autism Spectrum

Kerry Magro used to be nonverbal. Today he is an international speaker and best-selling author on the autism spectrum.

Live Video: Jonathan Murphy - Voice Actor on the Autism Spectrum

Jonathan Murphy is a voice actor on the autism spectrum. He has been featured in various commercials and spots for Verizon, SimCity, theme parks and more.

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