Gaylyn Henderson - Gutless and Glamorous

Gaylyn Henderson lives with Crohn’s Disease and is the founder of Gutless and Glamorous.

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When You’re a Mom and Have Crohn’s Disease

Wow, what a week it’s been! On Monday, I played soccer mom and took both kids to my son’s soccer practice. Tuesday, I spent all day studying for my final exam that night (I was taking a course at Humber College). Wednesday and Thursday, I spent the evening at home with the kids. Friday, I [...]
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The Gray Area of Accepting My Chronic Illness

For my 18th birthday, I got a car, a family dinner at my favorite restaurant, and the lifelong illness of Crohn’s disease. Initially, I was unsure how to react to this unexpected “gift.” I travelled from specialist to specialist with my parents, learning about my treatment options, pain management, side effects, and more. No one [...]

A Swimmer With Crohn's Disease Has Made It to The Olympics

Kathleen Baker made it to the 2016 Olympics despite her Crohn’s Disease.
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What Goes Through My Head During a 'Night Out' With a Crohn's Flare

Saturday night my husband Richard and I got all dressed up and went to dinner for his office Christmas party. This got me thinking about how I, a person battling an active Crohn’s disease flare up, handles attending events. Normally, I would be excited and eager to get out of the house and spend time [...]