Georgia Huston - Chronic Pain

Georgia Huston is an author who lives with chronic pain. She is the founder of the Teen Pain Help Foundation.

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To the Chronic Pain Patient Feeling Guilty

To the patient feeling guilt, Guilt is something that I have tried hard to scale down since my chronic pain started – and I think many of us are haunted by this. Guilt about causing our family and friends to worry. Guilt about canceling because of a bad day. Guilt about spending ”too” much time [...]
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When I Changed the Questions I Ask Myself During a Pain Flare

Pain flares tend to send me into fairly predictable downward spirals when it comes to my thinking. My mind begins to race, anxiety sets in, and my thoughts go in unhelpful directions, as I consider how the additional pain is going to affect my schedule over the next week. Often, behind my anxiety and thoughts, [...]
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When My Pain Is Just White Noise

The other day, I went to see my pain management doctor for trigger point injections. I got about six of them, and after they were done, my doctor said I did amazing for someone who had never received them before. He remarked on how I didn’t even flinch — not once. I kind of chuckled [...]
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When People Judge Me for Not Working Because of My Chronic Pain

A “friend” recently said to me, “I may have a guy for you.” She knows I’m single and have been looking for someone special for a while now. We spoke over the phone and she asked, “What do you do? What do you keep busy with? I just want to have things to tell him [...]