Josh Sundquist - Disability Advocate

Josh Sundquist is a Paralympian, bestselling author and motivational speaker living with living with limb difference.


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What I Learned When Airport Security Flagged Me for My Limb Difference

I used to be terrified of going on airplanes. I was convinced they’d crash, that there were at least four terrorists on every journey I took, and that I was definitely going to get motion sick and throw up. I’ve since come to my senses, realized those are irrational fears, and look forward to knocking [...]
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How I Made It Through the Poor Body Image 'Cyclone' After Limb Amputation

I have yet to meet a new amputee who hasn’t struggled with issues surrounding body image after limb loss. Although I find females tend to be more open about their concerns, male amputees struggle with the same emotions. Unfortunately, these feelings are often expressed in hushed whispers. My amputation was planned, and I had time [...]
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Becoming Comfortable With Sex and Intimacy After a Limb Amputation

I have decided to tackle discussing a sensitive issue which impacts everybody in the limb loss community — sex after an amputation. My goal is to be honest without being graphic. I am certainly no expert on the subject. But as a sexually active amputee woman who is happily married with two children, I can [...]
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When Insurance Limitations Are More Disabling Than Losing a Limb

Daily I confront the struggles of individuals trying to access prosthetic care. I have supported and counseled grandparents who made the difficult decision to remortgage their home so their grandson could walk. I have hugged young mothers who, because they cannot afford the co-payment for their prosthetic leg, are forced to live on the sidelines. [...]