Mandy Ree - Blind Advocate

Mandy Ree is a writer, disability activist and is legally blind.

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Carla on New Year's Eve.

The Hidden Joys of Blindness

Being blind is often not fun. There are challenges and setbacks, disappointments and discouraging moments. But that’s all they are – setbacks. For the most part they are surmountable. In the year that I’ve been blind, I’m continually discovering many new joys of life that I had never noticed before, previously hidden by my vision. While [...]
Person on a cell phone about to walk into a guide dog and handler.

8 Potentially Hazardous People You Meet as a Guide Dog Owner

When you’re working with a guide dog, you will encounter many different kinds of people. While most of these individuals have the purest of intentions, few of them realize how their actions can pose a serious safety hazard for both you and your canine partner. Here are eight potentially hazardous types of people I’ve frequently [...]
Mandy in her balloon handler outfit.

How the Macy's Parade Balloons Offered Me Hope as a Person With a Disability

Last year, my friend took me to Universal Orlando to go check out the Christmas events they offered. As a Disney cast member who had unlimited admission to the Disney parks, I never really had the money or the desire to wander into what we jokingly referred to as “The Park That Shall Not Be [...]
Blind child with adult learning Braille.

7 Insights for New Parents of Low Vision and Blind Children

Over the past year, I have had the honor of connecting with many new parents of low vision and blind children. Across all of the different conversations I’ve had, some very common themes eventually arise in our discussions. Many of these parents, until the birth of their child, had never met a blind person, so [...]