5 Truths Someone With Multiple Mental Illnesses Wishes You Knew

1. Not all bad days look the same.

With a variety pack of mental illness comes the variety pack of bad days. A bad day with obsessive-compulsive disorder does not look anything like a bad with panic disorder. This does not mean I am faking one or the other or that one bad day is more extreme than another. Bad days are bad days.

2. My mind is different.

With a mental illness comes struggles. My brain is not always rational, and the things I do will not always make sense. It is important, however, to remember I am not always in control of these things. When in fight-or-flight mode, one will do what is necessary to put themselves at ease.

3. Patience is key.

My mind can be a nightmare, and it needs to be said that patience is key. I can become distracted and forgetful. I may react to what is happening more slowly or incorrectly. I am trying my best.

4. Emphasis on illness.

One important thing, perhaps the most important, is to remember I am sick. It is not my fault that the side effects do in fact affect me. Please do not condemn me for things beyond my control, and do not put me at fault. Do not belittle me for taking medication. I am sick and trying my best to get better.

5. I appreciate you.

It is difficult to be around illness, and I truly appreciate everything you say and do to assist me. You have in one way or another helped me stay afloat, whether it be with a passing smile or a late night conversation. Respect for me makes me grateful for you.

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