My New Year's Resolution Ideas for People With Cerebral Palsy

January is a new month and year, which makes a whole new start. Having cerebral palsy shouldn’t stop anyone from making New Year’s resolutions.  I like Christmastime, but I also always liked opening a brand new calendar to write down my New Year’s resolutions. I rarely complete all of them, but writing my goals down helps keep me on track. Having goals keeps you moving ahead and obtaining achievements. Big or small resolutions, it doesn’t matter as long as you make them and don’t give up when they start being difficult.
Here is a suggested list of New Year’s resolutions that might inspire you to make your own. Don’t ever be afraid to reach high for goals.  It doesn’t mean you have to complete all of them, but they can put you on the fast track to success.

Look back at the previous year and see what you can improve on or complete. Is there a bad relationship or unhealthy friendship you should end? A bad habit you are ready to drop? Maybe you have things you need to finish but you kept putting it off. Now is the time to tie up any loose ends so you can move on to a new beginning.

Not being able to walk or physically do something gives people the perfect excuse to not exercise.  I know because I’ve done it too, but as long as you can move at least one body part, you can exercise. Call your local gyms and YMCA to see if they have any exercise equipment you can use. Perhaps they can order it for you. Join an exercise class and do what you can. We all know having a disability doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t exercise. It means you need to adapt your routine to what your medical team recommends and your body can handle. Get reacquainted with physical, occupational, and speech therapies that will improve your life.  Therapy might be hard work, but it often pays off. No pain, no gain often applies to exercise and CP.

Get all your medical appointments scheduled and actually go to them. Having cerebral palsy can make going to the doctor feel exhausting. However, putting off serious tests can have very dangerous results.

What are your professional goals? Sometimes disabilities can make us forget we have value to contribute to society. Technology and the Internet has made career goals so much more obtainable. Ignore the fear and do whatever it is you love. Life is too short to waste.

Love more. When I say love more, I’m talking about loving others and yourself. Are you in a relationship that gives to you what you deserve? Are you giving to the relationship what they deserve? Thinking about others, making time and helping others are the ways to happiness.

Choose to pursue happiness. Getting wrapped up in self-pity and laziness can be just too easy to do. Happiness isn’t a gift from someone else. Happiness is a gift you give yourself every day. If you’re a miserable person, then you tend to attract miserable people into your life. However, if you choose to find joy in life, you’ll attract joyful people. Do things that make you feel happy. Let go of thinking everyone is out to get you. Look for the good in people instead of the bad. Drop drama and make the right choices so you avoid drama. Focus on the positive, smile and open your heart to love, forgiveness, and hard work.
I hope you have a pleasant, successful, friendly, and happy year.

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