NFL Makes Orlando Pro Bowl Sensory-Friendly for Those With Autism

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Staff photo in the kitchen at Finely's Barkery

Teachers Create Finley's Barkery to Employ Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Want to support a good cause and buy delicious treats for your pup? Look no further than Finley’s Barkery, a Minnesota-based bakery which makes dog treats and is staffed by adults on the autism spectrum. Finley’s Barkery, which opened less than a year ago in March 2016, is the brainchild of two special education teachers, Angie [...]
Hand on steering wheel while driving a car

My Autism: A Day in My Life

The alarm goes off right when it’s supposed to. I hit the snooze one time, then it’s time to get up. I complete my morning routine. It’s the easiest part of my day. Always the same, never changes. It gives me comfort. Take care of my dog, then take care of myself. Check the weather [...]
Birthday cupcake with single lit candle

Celebrating My 56th Birthday and My Life as an Autistic Adult

Man With Autism Writes What He Wishes He’d Said to Childhood Teachers

Bryan, a man on the autism spectrum, shares what he wishes he’d said to his childhood teachers in a letter on his Facebook page, Asperger’s Syndrome Awareness: Bryan’s Advocacy. Read the full story.