When You're Still Waiting for Antidepressants to Start Working

You’ve been on countless antidepressants, yet nothing seems to lighten the darkness depression brings. Unfortunately this is the nightmarish reality of many people who have failed experiences with medication that doesn’t dampen the effects of depression and other mental illnesses. Antidepressants can bring along unpleasant side effects in the beginning, including more depression and sometimes those effects linger long after the adjustment period.

When you wait to conform to the side effects for two to four weeks, only to realize those side effects or your depression itself are not going away anytime soon, you can become discouraged. Then you try another antidepressant. Rinse and repeat. Your doctor tries so desperately to find the right adjustment and before you know it you’ve tried five plus antidepressants over the course of several months — only to find nothing is working. Sometimes it seems as though the darkness is too much for the light.

Or you could be like me. I have other chronic illnesses that make it hard for my body to metabolize the majority of prescription medications. Because of this, my side effects are magnified and more on the severe side of the spectrum, ranging from allergic reactions to psychosis. I began to lose hope in ever getting better. I was depressed taking medication. I was depressed not taking medication.

Never lose hope for recovery. I’m not going to say it gets better, because that’s up to you. Remember, it’s OK to take medication for depression. It’s OK if you do not take medication for depression. You’re still a warrior either way.

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