The ABCs of Chronic Pain

I was going through some old school papers the other day and I came across one labeled “ABCs of Education.” I thought it would be a good time to come up with my “ABCs of Chronic Pain.” Some may be silly, but all are true.

Almost everything on my to-do list never got started.

Believe in yourself. You’re the only one who truly knows your limits.

“Can’t go” is totally an acceptable answer during a pain flare.

Dogs make excellent cuddle buddies.

ER visits are oh-so-fun.

Family and friends are the world.

Good days are awesome!

Heating pads should be puppy-proof.

Ice packs are my best friends.

Just breath, time will pass and so will the pain… eventually.

Kicking people who don’t believe you is probably not a good idea.

Laughter can hurt as much as it heals.

Memes are more accurate than they should be.

No one can tell you you’re not trying hard enough.

One day, one moment at a time.

Pain is real, not in your head (unless it’s a migraine?).

Question your doctors. If a treatment is not working, it’s not working!

Resting is necessary and you shouldn’t feel guilty.

Silliness helps the soul.

Thankful for every day I can inspire others.

Understanding the incomprehensible is a daily task.

Valuation of the pain is all that I ask for.

Where would we be without the internet and Netflix?

X-rays and other imaging tests are second nature.

You are amazing just how you are.

Zero tolerance for people who say that the pain is just in your head.

Come up with your own list! It was a good distraction from the pain to come up with sayings that are oh-so-true.

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