Anova's Sensory-Friendly Kits Help People With Autism Avoid Meltdowns at Restaurants


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Things to Say (and Not Say) to the Parents of an Autistic Child

When your child receives an autism diagnosis, there can be a lot to process. But one thing I didn’t really think about was how others would react to my daughter Tink’s diagnosis. Of course, the vast majority of people are well-meaning, but unless they have personal experience, it can be difficult to know what to [...]
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When Being on the Autism Spectrum Has Both Bright and Dark Moments

Upon receiving my diagnosis of a lifelong disorder at 58 years old, I’ve had almost that many years of life experience to review. It is an ongoing recollection of past and present episodes and how they relate to my diagnosis. I was relieved at having an explanation of why my behavior is not in step [...]
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NFL Makes Orlando Pro Bowl Sensory-Friendly for Those With Autism

Staff photo in the kitchen at Finely's Barkery

Teachers Create Finley's Barkery to Employ Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Want to support a good cause and buy delicious treats for your pup? Look no further than Finley’s Barkery, a Minnesota-based bakery which makes dog treats and is staffed by adults on the autism spectrum. Finley’s Barkery, which opened less than a year ago in March 2016, is the brainchild of two special education teachers, Angie [...]