Teachers Create Finley's Barkery to Employ Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Finley’s Barkery, a Minnesota-based bakery, makes treats for dogs and is staffed by adults living with autism.

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The Colors of My Mind on the Autism Spectrum

I don’t know how thinking is for everyone else, but for a long time I thought it was the same for them as it is for me. My mind doesn’t stop; it spins and shifts in different directions creating webs of patterns, linked by varying hues. The demand for constant input, the never ending search [...]
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My Autistic Meltdowns Are Not 'Tantrums'

Sometimes I have meltdowns. A meltdown is when an Autistic individual has intense emotions and can have a hard time controlling them. An Autistic meltdown can be triggered by different things. My triggers for Autistic meltdowns are anxiety, sensory overload and frustration. I am learning to read the signs of a meltdown coming on. This [...]
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The Letters That Enrich My Life on the Autism Spectrum

Many living on the autism spectrum have a passion. Mine is writing. I did some of it in high school, but I didn’t launch into it until I moved away from my home state. Back when I was living on the East Coast, I was the “lone wolf” in the family; thus, I had people [...]
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The Real Reason People Are Shocked to Learn I'm Autistic

When I tell people I’m on the autism spectrum, the reaction I most commonly receive is disbelief. In the past, people have responded by saying things like, “Wow! I would’ve never guessed!” or “Really? Are you sure?” I believe the reason people are so shocked to find out I’m autistic is because I don’t fit [...]