Things About Bipolar Disorder Nobody Talks About

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The Vows to My Husband Were Also Vows to My Mental Health

When I was first diagnosed with anxiety and depression at 15, I started to think about my future. Being overwhelmed with a new diagnosis, I spent a lot of time wondering how my life would play out. All my dreams suddenly became just out of reach, and I felt limited. As I grew, I got [...]
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When Someone Says 'You Don't Seem Bipolar’

If you have bipolar disorder, then you’ve likely heard a few comments along the lines of “but you don’t seem bipolar.” Most frequently, in my own life, I’ve heard it while getting to know a new romantic interest or when I “come out of the bipolar closet” to a newly close friend. It’s hard not [...]
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The Truth About Being 'Productive' During Hypomania

It’s noon, and I’ve almost smoked an entire pack of cigarettes. It’s noon, and I’ve drank a whole pot of coffee. It’s noon, and I have the energy to dance the day away. It’s noon, and I’m already crying. I woke up today at 5 a.m. to take my boyfriend to work. I didn’t sleep [...]
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Will You Still Love Me With My Bipolar?

What is it like to love somebody who has bipolar disorder? What specific challenges does it involve? Is it possible for it to work, or is it too much of a risk? And is it really worth it? Firstly, love isn’t always a choice. Sometimes we can’t help but love and care for family and [...]