Things People Don't Realize You're Doing Because of Your Borderline Personality Disorder

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Why I Write About My Borderline Personality Disorder

Almost two years ago, I sat in a psychiatrist’s office and looked at him disbelievingly as he offhandedly told me that I had borderline personality disorder (BPD). It seemed like such a weighty diagnosis, a personality disorder. I immediately began to question myself, wondering if I was somehow inherently flawed in my character, a bad [...]
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5 Things I Wish You Could See About My High-Functioning BPD

With borderline personality disorder (BPD), no two people with the mental illness are alike. Some even describe it as a spectrum. I find myself on the higher functioning side. I live by myself, keep track of my appointments and have a few stable relationships. However, there’s a lot to my BPD that people don’t see [...]
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Learning to Cope With the Fears That Come With My Borderline Personality Disorder

In the past few months since being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), I have had new and unique challenges that I have not had to face before. At the same time, though, with the diagnosis has come treatment in the way of weekly therapy sessions and building a strong connection to being mindful. “Lean into [...]
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5 Things I Wish My Friends Knew About My Borderline Personality Disorder

I can imagine that having a friend with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be quite frustrating at times, but I hope to help explain to everyone why some of us may act the way we do and help end the confusion others may have about BPD. 1. Having BPD can mean waking up every day with [...]