New Program to Help Kids With Autism in the Emergency Room


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side profile of students standing in line for a school bus

Supporting My Daughter on the Autism Spectrum Through Back-to-School Transitions

It is two days before school starts back after Christmas break, and my 11-year-old daughter who has a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder has already started the “I don’t want to go to school” talk. As her parent, I am now used to the getting back to school routine: the panic that sets in for her [...]
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My Son Doesn't Smile for Photos (and That's OK)

From the beginning, my son wasn’t much of a smiler. We could never get him to do it on command. By the time he was 1, Jasper looked either anxious or furious most days. Relatives, nurses, friends and strangers would try to get him to crack a grin, as if a serious baby was a [...]
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We Need More Education in the Medical Community About Autism

SO Awesome Creates Wallet-Sized Cards to Help Kids With Sensory Issues

Marie-Claire Camp created SO Awesome, a company that creates durable, wallet-sized cards that are perfect for children with sensory processing disorder. Read the full story.