Why Eye Contact Can Be Difficult for People on the Autism Spectrum

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Comic redesigns what the autism spectrum means and looks like to her to help crush stereotypes around ASD. Read the full story.
Chuck E. Cheese's storefront sign

Chuck E. Cheese's Adds Sensory-Friendly Events to More Locations

Update: Chuck E. Cheese’s announced in a press release plans to expand its sensory-friendly programming to all U.S.-based Chuck E. Cheese’s locations starting later this year.  Over the past few months, several major companies, including Target, Toys “R” Us and Costco, have announced sensory-friendly events for people on the autism spectrum. Unfortunately, many of these events have been [...]

Amy Gravino - Autism Advocate

Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 11, Amy Gravino is now a national public speaker, author, autism consultant, and Certified Autism Specialist.

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