You Can Now Get a Disability-Inclusive Paper Doll Set

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Man with cerebral palsy using a computer.

How to Make Technology More Inclusive for People With Disabilities

Recently I got to hear a very sharp speaker, Jeff Kline, at a national conference on best practices. He is at the cutting edge of using technology to unlock the potential of people with disabilities. The Program Director of Statewide Electronic and Information Resources Accessibility at Texas Department of Information Resources, Kline is also the author of [...]
Meryl Streep at Golden Globe awards calling out Donald Trump for mocking people with disabilities.

Meryl Streep Calling Trump Out for Disability Bias Should Be Just the Beginning

As a woman with a disability, I was deeply moved by Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes. Thank you, Ms. Streep, for acknowledging the discrimination people with disabilities face, including from our country’s own President-elect. When the person who will soon occupy the highest office in the land openly mocks people with disabilities, it’s [...]
meryl streep at golden globes

To Meryl Streep, From a Young Woman With a Disability

Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech left me in tears. It isn’t very often that people with disabilities are showcased, or even included in, activism or advocacy. To have such an amazing actress use her huge platform to stand up for those with less privilege was so powerful. I know there are lots of amazing people [...]
Students holding tablets and phone talk in university lobby.

To the College Students Who Ask If I'm OK

Dear College Students Who Ask If I’m OK, I know you mean well, but I’d really like to continue heading to class. When you ask if I’m OK, I may slow down a little because I’m wondering how long this particular interaction will last. Will you believe me at my first “yes,” or will I [...]