When Crohn's Disease Forces You to Make Sacrifices for Your Health

I find it a challenge now to look after myself so totally – that includes saying no to people or events that you would normally jump at the chance to go to.

What happens if you’re a yes person but your body says no?

You can either listen to your body and snuggle into bed or ignore yourself and push on with an extra cup of coffee in your system, and then reap the consequences of your actions in the future.

This is a topic matter that those with chronic illness have to weigh on a regular basis.

This week, I lost the opportunity to be a part of a project because I didn’t attend a social dinner/meeting I was asked to attend. I had fully committed to the project itself — however, this dinner/meeting came up, and, wanting to go, I said yes.

However, come Friday, I was exhausted. I had a big week at work, and come Friday evening when this meeting/get-together was, I (in their words) “bailed last minute.” And I did – but I couldn’t attend this social gathering if I tried. My body was done in. So, consequently, the manager questioned my commitment to the project and I was let go. Though on reflection, perhaps it was for the best.

This is a classic example of putting yourself first. It’s important now more than ever, because Lord knows I do not want to end up on the surgery table again.

So there we go. I guess it’s a sacrifice in a sense – you can’t please everyone. And I am bummed. But what can you do? I explained the situation to the head of the project — but it was a lost cause. Sometimes I feel people really don’t understand chronic illness unless they have one or know someone who lives with one.

I was frustrated, no doubt. Frustrated at losing the project and very frustrated at Crohn’s disease.

However, I slept all weekend. And it was wonderful.

Moving forward, I will continue to take my work seriously; however, if ever I am too exhausted or on the edge of being run down, quite frankly, I will always listen to myself, and my health will always come first.


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